Total sleeping locations: 334

Total countries cycled through: 27

153 hotels [RED]

92 wild camps [GREEN]

36 paid camping [BLUE]

22 hospitality [YELLOW]

11 / [YELLOW]

12 camp spots with permission (people’s gardens, terraces, restaurant gardens) [PINK]

9 transit [BROWN]

11 thoughts on “Route

  1. We just met each other on the climb from Siegsdorf (Bavaria) to Hochberg-Campground. I’ll follow you until you reach your final destination. Have a good and safe journey!

    • Hey Stefan, it’s amazing that you found us on the net! Thanks for the mid-hill chat. That campsite turned out to be our favourite in Germany and with, obviously, a great view ! Ciao!

  2. Your photos are amazing. You are obviously having a wonderful time despite the pain! We are enjoying tracking your progress. Look after yourselves and our love to you both xx

  3. just looked at your route map and I don’t want to dispirit you, but you’ve still got quite a long way to go. I’m not sure you’ve got time for all this sitting around stroking Bulgarian cats (which look suspiciously like English cats to me). Also I’ve looked at your route through China, let me know if you want any help with that because I think I could shave a few miles off your journey.

  4. hi , i’m yong lee here from malaysia .
    I’m so wondering that how you create such a incredible mapping history records ?
    Can you give me some reference about long distance bicycle tour ?

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