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41 thoughts on “Guestbook & Contact

    • just spent an hour looking and reading through this its amazing actually see some of the stuff you told me about…. wow!!!! maximum respect to you guys!! Aaron from plane on flight home to England x

      • Nice one Aaron! How was your unislamic break? Ours was excellent! Carmen is writing the latest post from two months ago; watch this space 😉

  1. Hope you enjoy the Slovenian and Croatian coast. It was great to meet y’all. Give us a ring if you make it to Florida. (guy with beard and beer at lake Bled) Take it easy, avoid getting close to bear cubs, and hang your food bag 200 ft. from camp. April says thanks again for sending her postcards.

  2. Hello! I am married to Bryan, a man you met in Croatia and just wanted to say hello. He told me about your blog – what a fabulous adventure you are on. – Kate

  3. Hey Joe and Carmen!
    I´m back in Germany. It`s time to say hello at your guestbook. We have met in Mali Losinj, Croatia. I wish you two an awesome journey to the end of the earth, maybe some steps ahead to Australia (and around the earth?).
    God bless you, Paul “Fish”

    • Hey Paul! Good luck in Israel,it’ll be awesome. We hope you get to do a cycle trip of your own soon and look forward in turn to your blog!!

  4. Hope the musical therapy was beneficial.
    I’m surprised you didn’t join in with your mandolin!
    See you very soon in Bulgaria xx

  5. Hi Carmen and Joe,
    Just read your blog, absolutely fantastic, sorry I didn’t take up your offer and come with you!

    You seem to be having a wonderful time and meeting some amazing people, and they all seem so generous,(they must be catholics)
    I read Carmens blog yesterday,it was hilarious, showed it to Steven, Angela, Colette and Amy, they thought Miguel was a nutter

    Its not quite two months since you left, but feels like two years,
    I hope the next countrys you visit are as friendly as the ones you’ve seen,have you been brushing up on your Chinese, or is that another one of Joe’s endless talent?

    Just had mum around for a cup of tea and a sandwich,she’s really looking forword to seeing you in Bulgaria, (and doing her Messiah impression) probably 5 loaves and 2 fishes!

    Yes Joe, we really do look foreword to getting your blog, and I must commend you on your turn of phrase! you really do know how to tell a story, hope to hear from you again soon,when its convenient,

    Love you Carmen, take care of her Joe, bye for now, Grandad Tom,
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    • Thanks For the feedback Tom! When I publish my first book, can I use your quotes on the back cover ?
      “Excellent turn of phrase. This guy knows how to tell a story. Inspiring, elegant and stunning. An excellent book that everyone should read.” – Grandad Tom.

      (I’ve used artistic license in your quotes)

  6. I haven’t signed a ‘guest book’ since 1996. Thanks for giving us the opportunity.

    keep up the good bike stuff,


  7. Hey Joe, Good o see you still riding on strong! Looks like your having a great adventure. Do you know roughly when your going to be in SE Asia? We will be there in Oct/Nov…..

  8. Hi guys, I hope you remember the family from Edirne, Turkey – we had come across two times in and before Bitola (MK) 🙂 We are still waiting for you in Turkey!
    Wish you enjoyable pedalling all through the way to Malaysia 🙂

  9. Absolutely amazed by your journey so far, and you’re not out of Europe yet! You both write brilliant blogs. They’re so beautifully descriptive and evocative, we can hardly wait for the next instalment. Are those your smelly feet, Joe, spoiling the choc-box-kitten-pic? Enjoy your rest.

    • Thanks GB! We’re looking forward to bombing it through Turkey and into central Asias. We’re going to up our daily quota of KMs after weeks of easyish riding!!

  10. Hey,

    just found your ‘goodbye’ notice again. On our kitchen table, under a big pile of newspapers (sometimes is good to clean up a bit 🙂
    So, I galloped through your blog. Nice, seems that you have a good time.
    Keep on moving.

    Grüße vom Bodensee

    • Hey Seb! We still dream of fried curried gnocchi. We haven’t been able to get hold of any since Croatia. That liquor was also amazing. We will stop by on the way back one day for more!


  11. Loving this Joe! I love travelling and cycling – adventures sound intriguing and mightily tempting to a middle aged bloke! Keep the blogs coming!
    Ewan @ Communique

    • Thanks EHJ! You should join us for a leg in some random country. Going to sit out the icy winter teaching english, and hopefully skiing in Kyrgystan. Started learning basic russian so we can get by once we are there. Did you cycle to Jamie’s in the alps in the end? We have only just discovered the joys of slipstreaming, now we’re getting technical and producing over 100k a day. Sounds much better in km than in miles!

  12. Hi Carmen & Joe, Great Blog! The Bradford Grandparents kindly pointed us in your direction. Enjoy the winter in Asia. Not missing much weather-wise here, Autumn has arrived; the leaves are falling and so is the rain (now and again). Have fun, and naturally – take care. Geoff and Joan

    • Hey Andy,

      Sorry for late reply! Yep, there should be an option to subscribe from the very top of the page somewhere. Cheers, ps. How did you find us?

      • That’s ok. 🙂
        Been generally browsing travelogues. This one went off the roof since you guys are on bikes.
        Awesome! Have a great year ahead! Cheers.

  13. Hi Joe and Carmen – Have only just discovered this website and have been captivated by your adventures for the last half hour or so. Good luck in China (or wherever the hell you are) and hope you’ve got a working toothbrush!

  14. Great to hear you have reached Malaysia Joe and Carman. Fantastic.. I Remember crossing into Perlis in Malaysia from the same crossing as well and camping in Thale ban national park on the border. Lovely area. It’s going to be hard to stop after all those adventures. Be good to see you and hear all about it sometime. Congratulations. Alex in Hastings

  15. Hello Joe & Carmen! Matt here from Henry Tate Mews… Just found your blog saved in my favourites. Can’t believe you actually made it! An incredible journey. I shall enjoy reading it from start to finish… I’m heading off to China soon for a year. I wonder what your plans will be now that you’re back?

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