Quick update from Bulgaria

We are relaxing in a beautiful mountain holiday cottage in Bulgaria for a week, with Carmen’s parents (and a cute stray kitten).  We’ve just lit a fire, not because we need to, but because we can.

For anyone interested, I’ve just updated the “Route” page which shows exactly the route we have done so far. There are also some photos uploaded to the Flikr site which is accessible from the right hand side pane of this blog (mobile devices click here)

We have had an awesome time in Macedonia; we loved it so much that we managed to spend a record three weeks in this tiny country. More about that in our next blog update; we’ve got too much relaxing and cat stroking to do to be bothered to write.

Baby Bulgarian Cat

Baby Bulgarian Cat

5 thoughts on “Quick update from Bulgaria

  1. What a spiffing time you all seem to be having, I,m sorry I didn’t take up the invitation to join the Safari, looks like you’ll have to fatten the kitten up before its ready for the table! Tom

  2. Hello guys we met each other briefly in this nice place in Bulgaria. I am sorry I forgot to speak to the hotel staff in bulgarian about using their washing machine. I remembered few days after we left and felt slightly embarrassed 🙂 We both wish you wonderful time on your trip. You are lucky ones, all the best and regards from sunny Cornwall. Nadia & Lawrence

    • Hi!! Haha no worries, we were able to communicate using our finest slavic (ie english) to the friendly owner there. He didn’t even charge us… Sleeping under a Soaking a tshirt in a hot tent at night was a very effective way to be able to fall asleep, so we thank Lawrence for the tip. It worked amazingly in lowland and inland Turkey.

      Greetings from East Turkey

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