Next step?

A busy two months we’ve had.

At one point, the trip was up in the air due to me losing my job. Turns out this was the best thing ever to happen, both for my personal morale as well as my bank’s. I promptly got offered freelance work within 3 hours of being made redundant. The shortest time I have ever been unemployed for.

(Is anyone actually reading this blog yet?)

So now that I don’t have to worry about being sacked, I can reveal my identity! My name is Joe Crewe, a 31 year old video editor in London. Girl shall remain nameless for now in order to protect her employment.

We’ve barely had the time to think about the trip recently, but that’s probably ok, it’s still quite a long way off. We’re now aiming to get away as soon as possible- sometime around April would be great. This depends mostly on finances, of course.

We have done nothing in the way of cycling trips since August. Although, I am now cycling 16 miles daily as part of my new commute into Soho.

We did meet Ryan and Rebecca, from, 3 nights ago near their home in Putney. They gave us a handful of very very useful high-level tips which we valued immediately. On top of that, we chewed their ears off with some intricate questioning, one of which was “will we die?”. It was good to be thinking about it all again because we had been so disconnected of late. Not only was it good to talk to people who have done it, it felt good talking with people who understand the idea, without it feeling like a big deal.

Hmm that’s it. Just a simple update.

This is a bit like talking to someone in a room just before realising that no one is actually present in the room.

Maybe I’ll email this link around.

Anyone reading, please comment below?


POSTSCRIPT. We need a name for this blog. Any ideas, do post below!